On subjects related to arts and culture, history, theater, politics, issues related to social development etc.

5 day Bhojpuri Natya Utsav organized by Rangashree, the very first of its kind in 2013 in Delhi, receiving much appreciation and request for its continuation, yearly.

Veer Kunwar Singh Memorial Lecture

A Lecture is organised, every year, by an eminent scholar on a topic of national, scientific, historical, socio-cultural or literary interest or concerns. These lectures are organised almost every year since 2005. Well known laureates/historians including Prof Manager Pandey, Prof. Deepak Kumar, Dr Badrinarain, Mr Om Prakash Valmiki, Mr Prem Kumar Mani & Sh Nand Chaturvedi have delivered lectures so far & thousands of students, research scholars and teachers benefitted from it. The venues of all the six lectures organised till 2013 spread from Delhi, Bihar to Rajasthan.


Rangashree has been organising seminars/ symposia on various issues comprising of literary, historical and other socio-cultural interests. The participants of these seminars are generally students, research scholars, teachers and journalists. These seminars get sponsors from institutions, Govt. deptts and private agencies. Hard bound copies of all such discussions and lectures are available in Rangashree’s Library for the perusal of researchers/students. Few are being published for benefit of general public.

Bhojpuri Natya Utsav

A 5 days Bhojpuri Drama Festival was organised by Rangashree in which 5 different plays, directed by founder & General Secretary Mahendra Prasad Singh, were staged 5 consecutive days between 26th Oct. 2013 to 30th Oct. 2013 in which about 40 artists associated with Rangashree participated. No other organisation so far has organised such a festival. This is going to be a yearly feature of Rangashree now. The next festival is scheduled in the month of Nov.14

E Lectures & Webinars

During lockdown due to COVID 19 our Founder Mr Mahendra Prasad Singh became live on face book for different organisations on the topic related with Bhojpuri Theatre. On the platform of Bhojpuri Manthan he deliberated upon “भोजपुरी रंगमंच – दशा आ दिशा” on 2nd May 2020 whereas on the platform of Achievers’ Junction he spoke on the भोजपूरी नाटक और रंगमंच की विकास यात्रा on 14th June 2020. The fb & Youtube links are given below

WEBINAR on What is History ? इतिहास क्या ? Rangashree in association of other organisation including Itihas Trust organised/participated in the Webinar on 14th June 2020 and 8th August 2020. A number of speakers from different fields including , literature, journalism, historians, theatre, research scholars joined the webinar.